What is My Academic Expert all about?

After working in public education for the past fourteen years, I have come to realize that students work really hard to earn good grades, participate in extra curricular activities, and take the tests they are told to take, only to realize that all their a hard work did not earn them a seat at the college/university of their choice.

Students often work really hard, but at the end, they have a difficult time packaging all their experience and selling themselves to the right college/university. As an administrator at a public high school I have limited time to spend with students who want to work on their college application. Those that I’ve supported through the college application process have been very successful in earning a seat at a college/university that offered the program they were interested in.

As a result of my success with hundreds of students over the past fourteen years, I have decided to offer my services privately to families who are eager to help their students not only get into a great college/university, but also to assist them in succeeding academically by supporting their efforts, choices and decisions throughout their middle school, high school, and college years.