Anette Raichbart SaxeAnette graduated from The University of California at Davis, where she earned a degree in International Relations with a minor in Sociology. She received her Masters Degree in Education from National University and a Masters in Educational Leadership at San Jose State University.

She had served as a teacher, and an administrator for over fourteen years. She was nominated as “Co-Administrator of the year” in 2009, for Fremont Unified School District where she is a high school administrator.

Anette has counseled high school students on college admission and college students on career choices for over fourteen years. She has presented workshops to faculty and staff, and frequently presents educational and counseling programs for parents and students in the community.

Anette believes that the most important part of the college process is to help each student recognize his or her interests, emphasize personal and academic strengths, self discovery, build confidence, and provide insight as to where a young adult can be happy and meet with success in an academic environment. It is that ability to find the college/university program where a student can thrive, which sets Anette apart from other college consultants. She is truly interested in getting to know each student personally and develops a relationship, serving as a mentor and guide throughout the often stressful and overwhelming college admission process.

Working with someone other than one’s own parent, often allows a student to focus on what they desire in their future. Anette helps keeps each student on track, organized, and makes sure that all deadlines are met and applications are completed early.

This is a very exciting time in a young person’s life, and it is crucial to make an educated and informed decision.