What People are Saying…

As a single mom, I was always looking for effective information on how to help my two teenage boys in school. Anette reached out to me in a kind and professional manner. Anette has a special way of communicating with teens that does not make her intimidating. The students feel comfortable speaking to her and opening up because she is so friendly and approachable. She treats my sons with respect and is like their second mom. Anette offers clear guidance about classes, assists with scheduling, and encouraged the boys to get involved in sports and extracurricular activities. I know my sons are on the right path to college because of her advice and care. My sons are both doing academically well in high school thanks to Anette’s support.

—F. Kamal


After you met with my son, for the first time ever he spoke to us about college with enthusiasm and sounded completely excited about his future. You convinced him that community college is an excellent option and that he can do well and transfer into a four-year school of his choice, even Stanford! He spoke about getting a degree and a great paying job and sounded 100% motivated…and I must repeat…for the first time ever !

Something inside him clicked. I think it was not only what you said, but how you said it. I believe your advice came across as respectful, caring, and sincere. You truly motivated him and boosted his confidence. Of course, we have been telling him this for years but he never wanted to hear it from us. It just amazes me that your short conversation had a much more positive impact on my son than our years of lectures and nagging! Honestly in the last couple of years my husband and I had sadly given up on our dreams for him. It has been very frustrating knowing his potential and seeing how smart he is. We have always encouraged him and reminded him of all the opportunities he has. We have told him we would support anything he decides to do, but he needs to want it, work hard and do his best. He has just always lacked motivation when it comes to school and is satisfied with doing just enough to scrape by. And of course, all we get is attitude and “I know” when we talk to him so unfortunately the conversations are shorter and less frequent.

I think hearing it from you, someone he likes

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and respects and who also happens to be “cool and nice” was exactly what he needed. So I wanted to sincerely thank you for taking the time to talk to Maurice and let you know that you truly made a difference, not just for him, but for our family. You gave us all hope and a much needed sense of assurance that Maurice is aware of his potential, opportunities, and what it is going to take on his part. We are much more optimistic about his future and truly believe that your advice put Maurice back on track, academically and mentally.