College Application Process

College admission consulting

  • Four-year academic planning
  • Summer & academic enrichment
  • Testing timelines & strategies
  • Searching for appropriate colleges/universities
  • Athletic eligibility & recruiting for Division I and II schools
  • Understanding Early Decision and Early Action
  • Assist/edit powerful college essays
  • Preparation for the interview
  • Obtaining effective letters of recommendation
  • Helping match students with the best colleges/universities

Transfer students

Students who are transferring from a two-year to a four-year college are often unsure of where to transfer. Assisting students in making the right choice for their major, and not just going to the local university.

I work with transfer students to identify their areas of concern as well as their newly identified preferences and needs Guide students through the transfer process, providing the following services.

  • Initial interview resulting in a list of colleges and universities for the student to explore.
  • Ongoing help in organizing and completing individual application forms.
  • Essay coaching, brainstorming initial ideas through several revisions and finally reaching a final draft.

College application guidance

  • Completely and accurately complete the application
  • Provide accurate data
  • Compose an outstanding essay
  • Include ALL extracurricular/sports/job experience/internships
  • Include excellent letters of recommendation

Financial aid resources

  • Merit aid/ scholarship availability to match students
  • Completion of the FAFSA
  • Private loans
  • Work/Study programs

Essay writing assistance

Many times the most agonizing part of any student’s application process is writing the college essay

Essay coaching includes:

  • Initial brainstorming and evaluation of rough ideas.
  • Guiding the student through the several drafts and revisions necessary to make the essay tightly organized and exciting to read.
  • Providing extensive feedback while pointing out errors and suggesting strategies for improving the writing.


Now that the student had been admitted to the college of their choice, it is important to make sure that students are taking full advantage of their college years. Statistically, students change their major’s at least three times during their college years. Unfortunately, this prolongs the college experience, and often ends up costing families a lot of money.

Advising college student on course selection, major choices, career outlook and available internships allows students in narrowing down their concentration.

Although student may go away to college, I am still able to stay connected via e-mail, phone and the Internet, as well as face-to-face meeting when they return home for a visit.